Sex and Love

Sex is not love, sex is the consolation you get when you can`t find love, sex for a unloving person only makes the beast come out more, sex is king and it does not need to be a thoughtful act, sex is lust

Sex with love is ultimate, but it takes a mature individual to know the difference, where there is love, there is perfect timing, there is thoughtfulness and caring.
For most sex is an escape from pain, a painful soul with many immature feelings, for a immature person sex is better than cheese cake and they will do anything to get it, even lie, cheat and never realize that sex is not love

Love is something from within each of us, it is patient, it is thoughtful, it is caring and it wants what is good for the other person, Love is maturity but most do not find real love because they never grow up, they stay selfish and have the false self of Ego they are nourishing instead of the real self, the false self always looks outside for love, they look for love in night clubs etc... That`s lust that they find in the meat market, I am writing a book about unloved and real love ... Click here to read more

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