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Be Religious not Prejudice, Learn from each other

And keep Love in your heart for your fellow man at all times




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Where there is No Love - The People will perish

Note:. How about our English word “religion”—where does that come from? The etymology of “religion”
seems to have two Latin possibilities: relegere, meaning to read something over and over again;
 or religare, which is a combination of re (to return or to repeat) and ligare (to tie or to bind).
 Following this second option, religion can mean a returning to restraint; a fastening of the self
 to something that is considered important; a kind of anchoring or reconnecting. Positively understood,
 then, religion is “a reconnecting to something important.” Negatively understood, religion simply means
a return to bondage.”  "Re" always means to repeat like reprint, redo, Reconnect etc

 So Re-Ligion means to do or think something over and over again

What the world needs more of is Love - "A responding to the moment of need"
Religion by itself can block the flow of love with thoughts of they are wrong, they are going to hell, or my religion is right and their`s is wrong, Something that was taught from others or a book and not from the heart where love is

Show any Man, Women or child love and usually you will see a heart respond with appreciation
And as long as there is love in doing things over and over again then that is ok
However many times Religion does and says things without the spirit of love and that becomes a stale thing, a dead thing, a repetition thing and is missing the main ingredient !

If a plant missed the main ingredient would it live?

If Calcium is deficient in humans, there are over 100 diseases related just to calcium deficiency, each Mineral and or Vitamins are very important - You can read more about this on the Health page soon.

Now Imagine a life lacking in real love and understanding and how many dis-eases will be related to that ?

Hospitals are filled with sick and dying people, the prisons are filled with angry people, the world is at war over religious thoughts and deeds, People are committing suicide at an alarming rate and overall people are sad
Love is missing in all these cases, Love and understanding - The mixture of the right ingredients

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Your Religion  - My Religion

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