Charles Manson - The Manson Family

             Even the hippies were scared out of their sleeping bags in the              summer of 1969 by this man and what he did and had done

We will explore the deaths of Gary Hinman, Shorty Shea, the black man that Charles Manson shoot in the chest, Sharon Tate, the LaBianca`s murders and a few other killings, also we will talk about The Beach Boys, Neil Young knowing the Manson Family and the 2 ranches that they lived on, the Spahn ranch, the Barker ranch and some of the other Manson family members

Charles Manson had spent almost half his life in prison by the time he was 32, when he was about to be released from prison in 1967, he asked them not to release him but they had to

He soon found himself in Haight-Ashbury near San Fransisco in the middle of the hippie movement and that was perfect for him, peace love and dope, a rebellious culture with very few rules, girls, drugs and free sex everywhere, even though he says he was not a hippie, he calls himself a slippy - He wanted to slip through the cracks and society, he wanted to do whatever he wanted to do with whomever and whenever

Charlies mother was a prostitute and thief and was put in prison, he visited her when he was a little boy, one of his first memories of her was her in prison, he remembers being hungry and his mother prostituted herself to get food for him - He lived mostly with his grand parents until he was sent away for stealing etc...

Charley Manson was street smart, charismatic and drew the girls in like a magnet, he was super confident even though he was only 5`2" tall

Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1934 and was born from a 16 year old named: Kathleen Maddox, whom was not ready for a child and soon gave him away to his grand parents to raise him

Charles first crime that is known is robbing a grocery store in 1948 and then later convicted of armed robbery at age 13

Charles Manson gets married to Rosalie Willis in 1955 who gives birth to his first son Charles Manson jr. but she divorces him in 1958 after Charles goes to prison  for failing to go to court for car theft

He gets out of prison and meets his second wife Leona "Candy"Stevens a prostitute and the mother of his second child Charles Luther.
He gets arrested again for forging checks and is given a 10 year sentence - release in 1967


The first killing happened to Gary Hinman on july 27 1969, a school teacher, A nice guy, everyone liked him, he also sold some drugs on the side and that is how he met some of the Manson members, some stayed with him, he would always offer his place to crash out if needed, he also taught guitar to Bobby or Bruce Davis and they betrayed him over some money they wanted for Charles Manson but could not get it, Charles was desperate at this time and asked the members if they knew where to get any money

In the summer of 1969 Charles Manson asked his followers several times if they knew where they could get some money to buy dune buggies to take to the desert

Miss Bailey was the one to suggest that Gary Hinman owned his own house and that she believed that he had stocks and bonds - later Manson asked her to go to Hinman`s house with other members but another member Bill Vance said to Charlie she had better things to do and Charlie just walked away and then told Bobby Beausoleil, Susan Atkins and Mary Brunner on July 25 1969 to go to Gary`s house and so they did

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The next day after Gary`s death, Bobby was sleeping in Gary`s car that he stole from him, still with the blood on his clothes, a police stopped and questioned Bobby and saw the blood and arrested him, this is when Charles Manson got really angry and wanted Bobby out of jail and came up with a plan to get him out with copy cat killers to make it look like the black panthers did this and not Bobby