Mama`s Boys - The making of violent killers
Serial killers, School shootings are almost always mama`s boys

Author`s Preface

A mama`s boy is not in itself bad, just because you are a mama`s boy does not mean you are mean and will kill people when you get older. Not at all, however most serial killers and school shooters are mama`s boys

A child can become a killer even a serial killer if he is raised by parents that are dis-functional, drunks, angry all the time or just simply immoral.

Hypocrisy is even worse, if children see their parents or parent say one thing but do another, this sets them up with a mind that does not really know what is right or wrong, it confuses them

Now more and more children are raised by moms only and this can make it even worse, however a child can be a mama`s boy even in a 2 parents arrangement, and most are because dad is too busy with work or sports or some other thing and does not want to or does not know how to bring the kids up with discipline and love
 A child learns best by example and is not easily fooled, maybe fooled at first but it won`t take long before the child knows deep in their little heart that something is wrong
Many dads are weak and passive and its like having 2 women in the house or the dad is too angry and mean so the kids will instantly gravitate towards the mother

A child`s mind needs structure, guidance and love, but most of all it needs to learn how to deal with what my book will go into detail about and show many case studies of these violent killers, it will show the one thing missing that is the vital thing missing in proper child rearing.

Ted Bundy in his last interview with Dr.James Dobson before dying, said that he came from a good family, parents were christians, he said, so many people are fooled by these type of killers, even on his dying bed he would not tell the truth or maybe he did not know the truth
He was a mama`s boy and most of the women that he killed looked like or had hair like his mama

The problem was in his child rearing days and we will get more into that in the book later

 More coming...