Fu Hao - China`s first female Military General

also known as : Mu Xin, Lady Fu Hao and she was a Beauty

        One of the most important females of China and once thought                        of as only a myth, until they dug up her tomb in 1976, she was one of King Wu Dings wife and High priestess

Lets learn more about Fu Hao
Here is her name as she led the Shang dynasty armies in battle

Here is her Tomb after being dug up in 1976, there were dead animals and people that were sacrificed
but her body or bones wear never found

She died about 1200 B.C. and they say that King Wu Ding was never the same after her death
King Wu Ding had many wives, some say up to 60 of them but no doubt -Fu Hao was most important

She was not only wife, mother of the kings children but also she was a warrior in battle and once led   13,000 soldiers to defeat a neighboring state in battle

Usually only the King would do ceremonial services but on some of the bronze inscriptions and oracle bone writings, the king wants his wife Fu hao to do the ceremonials, showing how important she really was

There is however a chance that the tomb dug up in 1976 was not hers at all, some scholars say it might have been a later tomb than hers with almost the same name, perhaps a daughter or niece or relative

The tomb dug up in 1976 was in Yinxu in Henan province, it was rather a small tomb and just at the edge of the Shang royal cenmetary, and it was the only royal shang dynasty tomb not looted, it was fully intact with all the bronzes and jade
This tomb had 755 pieces of Jade, 564 bone objects, 468 bronze pieces, 63 stone objects, 11 pottery pieces, 5 ivory objects and 6,900 cowry shells ( once used as money)

Let` look at some of the bronzes and then I will show you my collection

Here is a rare double Fangyi found in her tomb

Here is my double Fangyi - below
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