The Dead Sea Scrolls

Over 900 scrolls were found in the caves at Qamran and Qamran is about 25 miles from Jerusalem

These caves sit high above the Dead Sea and the scrolls were left untouched for nearly 2000 years

The Dead Sea Scrolls at Qamran and the Nag Hammadi collections are 2 completely different set of scrolls, different languages, different times and different stories, Don`t get them confused with each other

Let`s start first with the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qamran

                        In order to understand why they were in those caves and who put them there                                                  we need to go way back to Abraham and understand everything from the beginning

          Abraham was born in UR which is now Irac, He had a deep insight or vision and he walked with his son Isaac 53 miles (which is about 3 days walk) to a high hill or small mountain in Jerusalem to sacrifice Issac his son for the atonement of all sins, he picked the hill in the middle of 3 hills, the left hill is Mt. Zion, the right side is Mt Olives and the middle is called Mt. Moriah (the same area that Jesus was crucified) Abraham walked here in about 1800-BC


Abraham getting ready to slew Issac on Mt Moriah       


Mt. Moriah is in Jerusalem, it`s around 37 acres and is a plateau with the city of David below and mostly desert surrounding it, the highest point is 777 meters, more like a hill, not a mountain

In about 990 BC King David buys the land that Abraham was promised in 2 Samuel 8-12, and                  1-Chron 18-20, King David is an offspring of Abraham and Ironically King David spent 33 years in Jerusalem, King David never built on it though

King David`s offspring Solomon builds the Temple on this land in 832 BC, almost a 1000 years later from when Abraham first had his dream or vision. Soloman builds this temple on Mt Moriah and it was there until it got destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC

The Temple was rebuilt for the second time in about 516 BC and then added onto it by Harod the King in about 20 BC, then destroyed by fire in 70 AD by Titus Ceasar, however Harod the King was a Jewish tax collector but he was working for the Romans and the Jews never liked that

King David and Jesus were born in Bethlehem near this Temple, 6 miles away

This Temple site is still there now called the Dome of the Rock, with the yellow roof

The Dead Sea scrolls all have to do with this Temple

The Qamran Dead Sea Scrolls were copies from the originals, The originals were housed in this Temple on Mt,Moriah, The Dead Sea Scrolls were written mostly in Hebrew, some in Arabic and a few in Greek and mostly talked about old testament stuff, just over 200 scrolls were the old testament including many copeis of different books in the old testament, the rest talked about life at Qamran and their strick duties, nothing about Jesus or the New Testament, written from the intertestmental period from about 250 BC to 68 AD, and about 150-200 people lived at Qamran at any given time

Solomon’s Temple had a few different types of Priest living there and soon they started to argue, The Pharisees and the Sadducees and all were learned men but the arguments would not stop,The Sadducees were more stricter than the Pharisees so the Sadducees decided to leave, they walked a day`s journey away and landed at the Dead sea, about 20 miles away and this area is known as Qumran, they lived there for a few hundred years and continued copying text from the originals and stored them in different caves there, some call this group the Essences or at least the Essence’s also lived here with the Priest

The scrolls were part of Soloman`s Temple High Priest

Qumran is an area next to the Dead Sea that was destroyed in 68 AD by the Romans and about 30 miles from Masada where the last battle of the Jews and Romans took place in 73 AD, Masada is also on the Dead Sea and both caves are on the edge of the cliffs above the Dead Sea, Qumran is about 20 miles from Jerusalem

Qamran caves where most Dead Sea Scrolls were found below

Masada caves with the Dead Sea in the back ground below

Now considering this special Mt Moriah and more history about it

It is the most expensive real estate in the world and more blood

has been shed to protect it than any other property in the world, let`s explore why...

It is now called The "Dome of the Rock" and controlled by the Muslims

Here is a picture from the 1800`s

This is where the Muslim Prophet Mohammad is said to have ascended to heaven, this same Mt.Moriah, it was where Jesus was crucified, it is why the Knights Templar were created, they fought here to take back this Mt. from the Muslims and they did for about 90 years around 1099 Ad, Richard the Lion hearted led English and other Crusaders there and tried to fight there too but could not win it back from the Muslims. In 1517 the Turks took over Jerusalem for the next 400 years and 98% of Turks are Muslims, which 78% are Sunnis type

The Dome covering Abraham`s Rock that he placed Isaac on

The roof is pure Gold donated by Saudi Arabia and that`s the rock Abraham put Issac on


The Wailing Wall was built around this Temple in around the 1500 AD

To keep Jews from entering the Temple, so they just pray here now

The Jews surround the Temple on all sides but can not enter the Dome of the Rock

                                 It`s very strange that the Muslims control it and it`s in Jerusalem                                      but that is because they did control it even before Israel became a nation

The wailing wall

The Jews can only come to the wall and leave prayers there below...

                   The wall surrounds the whole Dome of the Rock but the Muslim`s only control inside the walls                                           The Jews are all around the walls, and you can see it`s not much of a hill                                             but that`s where Abraham took Issac to slay him on the rock in 1800 BC

Friday the Thirteenth

October 13 1307 which was a Friday, with the consent of the Pope, the King arrested about 15,000 Templars and confiscated all their belongings, It was a bad luck day for all of them

It was said that The King owed these Templars a lot of money and if he arrested them he would never have to pay them, plus he confiscated their belongings as well

The Templars were first called... The Poor Knights of the Temple of King Soloman 

The Templars are said to have dug tunnels under the Temple of Soloman to look for the Gold and the Scrolls hidden under the Temple, talked about on the 28 foot copper scroll, some say they found what they were looking for

Watch the Video - Click the picture




                                              The red arrows are the 11 caves in Qamran where the Scrolls were found

The Dead Sea scrolls date from about 200 BC all the way to 68 AD

Some coins were found that have 68 ad on them, in the caves

There were many scrolls found, about 900, all the Old Testament, except the book of Esther and one 28 foot copper scroll that was an inventory scroll of where all the original scrolls and Gold were hidden in the Temple of Soloman`s basement caves, describing in careful details

The Isaiah Scroll, found relatively intact, is 1000 years older than any previously known copy of Isaiah. In fact, the scrolls are the oldest group of Old Testament manuscripts ever found.

These scrolls found were copies of the Originals

In 1946 a Sheppard man was walking his sheep and saw the caves up high and decided to throw a rock inside from below, he heard a glass sound rather than a thump sound, so he decided to climb up and take a look, he was first to discover the scrolls, but many years later they still are finding more near by

The scrolls never mentioned a man named Jesus, or never mentioned a women named Mary that was a virgin, just a young lady named Mary, the scrolls talked about a messiah that they were waiting for, a militant type of man that would help them fight the Romans

Strange that Qumran is only 20 miles from Jerusalem and yet no mention of Jesus

The scrolls were not realized to the public until 1991

These Lost Scrolls were rooted in Judaism and not Christianity, Nothing was written of the new testament in these scrolls found at Qumran, however in the Nag Hammadi collection found about 550 miles away from Qumran in a city south of Cairo Egypt, these Dead Sea Scrolls had a lot of New testament stuff and other writings like The Secret Teachings of Jesus or about Jesus`s brother named James

Now concerning Constantine

Constantine`s mother went to look for the exact place Jesus was laid in the cave and had her son Constantine build the first Christian church there and it`s still there today on Mt. Moriah

Holy Sepulchre 

This first Christian church on the Mt Moriah is very near the Dome of the Rock

        Many other church denominations are here also, Greek orthodox, Armenians etc… 

Israel soldiers patrol the Muslim area around Mt.Moriah

There are different areas around Mt.Moriah, This is the Armenian area at 1 am

The Joppa Gate in the Armenian area

The Zion Gate patrolled by Israeli soldiers

Nag Hamadi 1945

A Arab Peasant found the Nag Hammadi Scrolls in a cave but it wasn’t until 1947 that a French man realized what they were

The Nag Hammadi collection is from the second to the fifth century, 52 books were found in the buried jars, 45 after eliminating the repeats, Nag Hammadi is a Egyptian city 300 miles south of Cairo, about 550 miles from Qumran, these scrolls merge philosophies of Greek, Romans, and Christians beliefs, these talk about Jesus

Please do not confuse the Qumran scrolls to the Nag Hammadi scrolls, 2 different kind of writings and completely different dates, Nag Hammadi writings came out about 200-400 AD and I believe I know why

The same year in the summer the Qamran scrolls were found by a Bedouin Sheppard boy

Also the same year the state of Israel is formed

Also agents from the CIA were there at the forefront taking microfiche pictures of the find

Also Roswell sightings of UFO,s 1947

The Nag collection went public before the Lost Sea scrolls

A few Extras

Calvery or Gagulta is outside the Jerusalem wall were Jesus was crucified

(known as the place of the skull) just outside the walls of the city of Jerusalem

near the Dome of the Rock

The garden of Gethsemane =Oil Press, and is and the base of Mt. olives near Mt.Moriah

the faithful would go here to pray like Jesus did the night before his crucifixion

Question 1) why were these scrolls offered for sale in the wall street journal in 1954

Athanasius Yeshue Samuel, a Syrian Orthodox archbishop of Jerusalem, bought four of the original Dead Sea Scrolls from a cobbler who dabbled in antiquities, paying less than $100. When the Arab-Israeli War broke out in 1948, Samuel traveled to the United States and unsuccessfully offered them to a number of universities, including Yale. Finally, in 1954, he placed an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal—under the category “Miscellaneous Items for Sale”’—that read: “Biblical Manuscripts dating back to at least 200 B.C. are for sale. This would be an ideal gift to an educational or religious institution by an individual or group.” Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin, whose father had obtained the other three scrolls from the initial collection in 1947, secretly negotiated their purchase on behalf of the newly established State of Israel. Unfortunately for Samuel, much of the $250,000 he received went to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service since the bill of sale had not been properly drawn up.

 You can read more about the Scrolls here  -  A library of books, like the book of the dead

in 1991 the Huntington library located in San Marino Ca. said it had a copy of all the texts from the dead sea scroll near Qumran they attained from  Mrs. Elisabeth Bechtel and wife of the husband that owned the Bechtel corp.This was the main reason that they started to be shown to the public in 1991

1949: Regional turmoil leads Syrian Archbishop Samuel to smuggle his precious four Scrolls out of the country, relocating them to a Syrian Church in New Jersey.

1954: Samuel places the same four Scrolls up for sale in a Wall Street Journal advertisement. Yigael Yadin, son of Professor Sukenik, purchases the four Scrolls through an American middleman, on behalf of the State of Israel for $250,000 US Dollars

 In Cave 4 alone, dug out of the sheer face of an escarpment, thousands of fragments from about 500 different Scrolls were found. De Vaux and Harding negotiated with the Bedouin to purchase the Scrolls they had found. In 1953, Harding and De Vaux appointed an international team of scholars to begin the publication of the Scrolls. As the team began their work at the Rockefeller Museum, piecing together the fragments of over 900 manuscripts, a complex historical puzzle emerged.

1949- 1956 
 Roland De Vaux, Director of École Biblique et Archéologique Française in East Jerusalem and Gerald Lankester Harding, British Director of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (DAJ), led the archaeology team surveying the area  

One year after the discovery at Qumran, the United Nations partitioned Palestine and war began. Meanwhile, a U.N.-appointed, Jesuit-trained official had summoned Roland de Vaux, director of the Ecole Biblique, a French Catholic Theological School in Arab East Jerusalem, to oversee research on the scrolls. The slow pace of publication and the extreme secrecy of de Vaux's almost entirely Catholic group fueled the theory that the Vatican wished to suppress information in the scrolls

The lost sea scrolls digging excursions were headed by 7 of the Catholics Dominican priests. Some say this was a conspiracy to hide any writings that would expose the catholic church, especially if there was nothing written about Jesus or the new testament, Many now believe it was the Catholic Church under the Roman Caesars that created the New Testaments since most new testaments fragments were discovered during the reign of the Caesars especially Titus

    The Red Sea and Israel, Alexandria and Nag Hammadi


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The Dead Sea Scrolls

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