The Shang and The Zhou dynasty Bronzes from China
The Shang 1600-1111 BC, The Zhou 1111-221BC

The Chinese started the bronze age and mastered it, their bronzes are highly collected and are the best made in the world

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We will showcase some of them here and talk about them some, about 50% of them had the old Oracle script writing on them and because of this, we now have a history of the Chinese kings and what they did written on the bronzes, The Oracle Bone script is the first Chinese writing and all Chinese writing came from this

The Ancient Chinese believed in the old Testament stories, not the new Testament, their Chinese characters from the beginning shows  their belief by their writings, for example: the word desire is written
with a women and two trees, still to this day. Two trees representing the knowledge of good and evil in the garden with eve having to choose, and she choose from her desire

Let`s get started and look at some Shang Dynasty bronzes now
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This is a Bronze double Fangyi

The first bronze double Fangyi  found in a tomb was in 1976, It is bronze and it was in Fu Hao`s tomb, she was king Wu Ding`s wife and she was also the first Lady general of the Shang army, some thought she was just a myth, they only heard of her by the old Bone oracle writing, her name is written some 300 times on bone and bronze but that`s out of over 300, 000 bone scripts found - she died in about 1200 BC

This one is called a He, So far there is only 2 known
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This was a wine vessel, the Shang elite drank a lot and made many wine vessels
this one has 20 oracle inscriptions written on it, however there is really only
10 different ones just written twice, 10 written on the front side and 10 written
on the back side so that any way the vase sits, you can read the offering

 This Oracle writing says something like this:
To my ancestors in heaven watching down upon us,This is Fu Hao with this Tripod
and other precious gifts offering them to you so that you will be happy forever

This one is called a "Zhi"  13 century BC  - from the Severson`s collection below
Ritual wine cup and lid

This one is called a "YOU" Shang Dynasty - Below
The animal heads on the handle are Tapir heads, Like a big pig- in the pig family, Very special

This next Bronze is a Tapir- below - also the bronze is a Zun,
This Tapir bronze is very rare - Shang or Zhow dynasty
This kind of animal once roamed in China - Severson`s collection

This is a Shang Dynasty wine vessel, below 
Very tall about 16 in - Rare with Oracle writing on the neck

Dragons - Shang Dynasty favorite motifs

Here is a Ding from the Shang Dynasty and it`s over 3000 years old with bird legs

Here is a Pan - Maybe one of the first pans ever made
It`s bronze and maybe late Zhou -warring states time about 500 BC

Here is a Bronze vase with a lot of Oracle inscriptions written on it
Looks like the Han dynasty but the Motiff is very different to be Han

Here is a Dou - Probably for heating grain or hot food
Not sure what dynasty yet

More to come soon!