"Dance in Honour of the Gods"   

A very colorful religion originally from Africa




This Religion combines elements of Roman Catholicism with elements of West African, Especially Yoruba and South American Indian Religions and now practiced in Brazil, some Voodoo is in it too
Fusing west Africa tribal beliefs with Brazilian Indian witch doctors in receiving ancient spirits from both cultures

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Candomblé is a syncretic religion of Brazilian origin; it is a mixture of traditional Yoruba, Fon, and Kongo beliefs and Roman Catholicism.[3] In Latin America, orishas are syncretized with Roman Catholic saints. Candomblé is an oral tradition and therefore has not been put into text throughout the years.[1] Only recently have scholars and "povo de santo" begun to write down its practices.

The word Candomblé means "dance in honour of the gods", and music and dance are important parts of Candomblé ceremonies.[3] The name Batuque is also used to refer to the religion, especially before the 19th century, when Candomblé became more common. Both words are believed to be derived from a Bantu-family language, mainly that of the Kingdom of Kongo. Candomblé may also be called Macumba in some regions of Brazil, notably Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, although Macumba has a distinct set of practices more akin to European witchcract..

The concept of good and bad does not exist for followers of Candomble; however doing bad has its consequences. The goal of each person is to carry out his or her destiny, which is controlled by the orixa. Each person’s orixa also acts as a protector. Worshippers perform special dances to allow the orixa to possess them. Orixas are deified ancestors from recent or ancient history. Also known as viduns and inkices, they are spirit gods that link humans to the spiritual world. Each orixa is connected to a force in nature including a certain food, animal, and more. A person's personality is a reflection of their orixa. Orixas are collectively called Baba Egum or Egungun. The moral code of Candomble is regulated by the Baba Egum, who ensures the continuity of morals from one generation to the next.

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